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Starting a Business? Stop Procrastinating and Start that Business!

In this blog post I share 4 simple keys that will help you banish procrastination when it comes to starting that business project!

A free lunch always tastes great! A couple of Friday’s ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch at a great meat restaurant here in the Melbourne CBD with two business colleagues who are enjoying life as audit partners. I worked with these two gentlemen a number of years ago and it’s always great to reconnect and share stories. As I headed out to my car I bumped into two young entrepreneurs, one of them is an old school friend from my Monash University days.

One of the guys, David Ballerini, is a chemical engineer by profession but interestingly enough has been pursuing a fascinating entrepreneurial business project. He is a Co-founder of the Melbourne made Liven Food and Entertainment app – an application for your mobile device that connects you to fantastic offers and benefits from some of the best restaurants, retailers and service providers across Melbourne.

These young entrepreneurs decided to launch out and not procrastinate on their dreams. I have found in my own experience that the following 4 keys can help you overcome procrastination.

1. Get clear on your why. I have found clarity to be very important because as it helps me cut through the constant noise and distractions so I can focus on the core reason behind what I am trying to achieve. That alone brings a new drive and determination to work out how to get something done.

2. Take simple daily actions. How do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time? Robert D Smith makes a great observation in his March 2014 article, “most of us are trying to create a project, not dismantle one. In reality, we are not trying to eat an elephant…we are trying to grow an elephant.” Quite true. I find that creating a simple daily method of operation and doing that consistently maybe 30 to 60 minutes a day and letting that effort compound over time brings some amazing results.

3. Get an accountability partner. Every time I took the extra step to commit to an action and I had to stay accountable to someone else, like a coach/mentor, spouse, business partner, boss – I found that the thought of not wanting to dishonour my word to an external person made it easier to follow through with the actions. It’s easier to quit on yourself but less so when someone else is counting on you and even cheering you along.

4. If symptoms persist seek help. There are plenty of mentors around you, find someone you resonate with, who has been where you are headed and partner up with them.

I look back a few years ago when I first heard my mate share the idea with me, it’s amazing to see how they have delivered an App to the market with a stack of users enjoying the benefits of what once was just as idea.

One thing I see in the eyes of entrepreneurs is the excitement of pursuing something that is their own, the joy of taking the risks that others may shun, the resolute focus and determination to see their dream become a reality!

Do you have a business idea that you are procrastinating on?

To your success!
Davis Mutabwa

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