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Restructures, Redundancies and Job cuts: Are you having career anxiety?

Are YOU Having Career Anxiety?

Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune is what anxiety is generally described as by, does this resonate with what you may be feeling now about your future career?

If you have ever gone through or witnessed the outworkings of a corporate restructure where there are jobs lost, you will realise that it can have a significant impact on your outlook to life and your career. If you have been personally impacted you will agree that it can be very testing on many fronts.

In this post I share 2 of the most common emotional challenges that can cripple your mind and hurt you career. Plus I thought I would share a short inspirational story of how Pat turned things around in his redundancy journey – enjoy!


1. Feeling like you are alone?

It is very normal that you will feel quite alone through a job loss process even though you have lots of professional and personal help around. The key thing is not to spend too much time in that state. Have you ever been in the presence of lots of people yet be so wrapped up in your own thinking bubble and miss a whole conversation? This is how you can end up feeling all alone if you don’t take caution.

Get out of your mind and just breath a little, allow yourself to find help, connect with others and get engaged again. Some companies are great at providing external resources to help you navigate this process and others aren’t – it’s your responsibility to make the transition happen for you – so get out there and stop feeling alone – you have the power!

2. It’s NOT your fault!

You will be amazed at how much you are tied into your work identity such that when this is taken away through a redundancy you get so anxious and you start feeling like it’s your fault, especially if some of your peers were not let go except you.

As devastating as it feels, it is never in your fault in an overwhelming majority of the cases…I am sure there are some rare exceptions to this rule. So don’t beat yourself up about it, and don’t fret about it. Unfortunately times have changed and a heap of people will have to go through this career changing episode, but that can be a good thing…in hindsight.

The young architect who turned it around for good…

This week I read the story of a young architect, Pat, who lost his job in 2008 as a Job Captain earning a decent $60,000 a year just a few months before his wedding.

The first thing he did was to call a whole list of the local architectural firms in his city…no joy, then he called all of his clients checking if they would hire him…still no joy – he was crushed and depressed feeling like he disappointed his family, his fiance and himself.

After working through these initial emotions with his family and some mentors he decided to pursue a career change and focused on furthering a project he had started as a hobby of providing online training resources to architects for a very specific niche exam. Something that started as a hobby project was ignited into action because of the redundancy and this led to his now full time million dollar online training business. I can almost hear you saying – yeah but this cannot happen for me!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right” – Henry Ford.

Lastly force a good dose of perspective into your mindset diet: It’s not that bad…there are heaps of people who are doing it tougher than you may be right now – so stay in perspective and keep your head up!

To Your Success,
Davis Mutabwa

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