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How to Create Extra Income While Looking for a Job (w/ Davis Mutabwa)

In this blog post I will show you 3 quick steps to transition your thinking from just looking for a job…to using your qualification and experience to create a part time income – while you are still looking for work.
If you like the sound of that then you are in for an enjoyable read!

So I was out at the shopping mall here in Melbourne about 3 months ago looking for an outfit for a dress up get-together we had going on at church (had to look like you were an army cadet), wasn’t too keen about it because growing up over in Zambia people got into trouble with the cops for wearing anything that remotely resembled army gear. You may be familiar with Aussie Disposals – a large store here in Australia that stocks lots of original ‘reject’ cadet/army garments and camping gear, that where I met this cool young graduate.

Meet the Nutrition graduate who can’t find a job.
The young guy serving me had great customer service and I asked him what else he did, he mentioned he was looking for a job in his field, he had graduated from university a few months back with a Degree in Nutrition and Fitness. I asked him a few questions and it was clear that the market was pretty tight and rough so he kept working as the store assistant. ‘Are you open to other ways of creating an income’ I asked him, ‘not really’ he said…he wasn’t ready for it so I paid for my stuff and was on my way.

Now meet the Mechanical Engineering graduate also still looking for a job.
Bubbly professional looking Mechanical Engineering graduate was assisting me in the local supermarket, as he was helping me locate the right aisle for some groceries my wife was after, I naturally asked him a few questions about his work, studies and aspirations – found out he hadn’t been able to get a job since graduating so his next plan was to go back to Melbourne University for his Masters degree in Engineering!

What would you do?

Maybe You, Your Child or Sibling are in this Situation! What is your advice to them?

I shared these next couple of points with a young mum whose daughter is getting ready for university and has a natural aptitude for nutrition, cooking and fitness – therefore wants to study in that field…but the job market is not very flash. So here is my ‘left field’ view on how I would approach this – its 3 questions (we will use the nutrition graduate as an example):

1) Are you ‘very’ PASSIONATE about nutrition and fitness – helping people eat well, feel better, look good and live longer? You can’t sell a product you are not passionate about, and that includes you selling your skills at a job interview -o get passionate!

Do you have a burning passion for nutrition to the extent that even though you don’t have a job in the field you are still helping people for a small fee or no charge at all in order for them to get in shape and look their best?

  • Are you always looking for ways to help people understand what a good diet looks like and what they can do to keep their energy high during the day and have a restful night’s sleep?
  • Are you constantly researching and following experts online or on TV and getting better at your craft in both technical skill as well associated skills such as marketing yourself, dealing with people, leadership, product innovation, technology – all the things that will help you stand out and become better?
  • If the answer is YES then we can move on to the next 2 questions – if the answer is NO then you need to spend some time re-assessing what you are passionate about and start pursuing that. Rather do it now than later or never!

2. Are You Open Minded Enough to Consider Other Ways of Generating an Income Other than or in Addition to a JOB? Well my guy said he was only interested in a job at that time.

A lot of people are generally just looking for a job, that’s what most degrees prepare us for. If they get the job then great but if they don’t then most likely they will start to think about other options like what we are chatting about today, if that is where you are at now or know someone that is then this is for you to ponder on.

Are you willing to start a business around your passion?

Truth be told, University does not prepare you for this and entrepreneurship is not hugely celebrated in this part of the world as it perhaps is elsewhere, but there is nothing stopping you!

All that a job really is in my opinion is working for someone who had the guts to be an entrepreneur in the first place – if you have the dream to do the same then you should go for it!

Just start part time and start small. How?

Work out what aspect of nutrition and fitness you love the most and start using social media platforms and other digital platforms to set yourself up. In my opinion get a personal blog happening with WordPress or Squarespace and this is where you will blog about your aspect of nutrition and fitness, yes there is many players out there but the market is broad and deep, find your niche and aim to dominate that.

YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn will become your buddies in this, put out great content on these platforms of the things you love and as you grow and increase the content offering find out what your audience wants more of and eventually they will tell you what they are willing to pay for and start offering that.

There are YouTube channel owners who have millions of views a year, some of that traffic will be looking to purchase their products – imagine having your nutrition videos, your fitness videos, your special recipe books and even your recommended affiliate programs that other experts have developed that people love and use already – simply marketing these to your tribe.

3. Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel, Find a System, Find someone who is dong what you want to be doing and become their student.

There is plenty of mentors out there on how to maximise these platforms – I have a team I personally work with, let me know and I can connect you. Some people cringe when they hear this – maybe its because we are used to ‘free’ formal education or freely available self study DIY education?

Reality is that you can learn it all your own by accessing free information online and attending workshops or you can get a system or program that has it all collated for you in clear step by step process and the support to help you through any issues and barriers.

Following mentors and asking for help is what I have done throughout my career in business as an accountant but even more so as an entrepreneur and it works.

Have an open mind, find someone you know, like and trust, invest in yourself and once you are set on your path to achieving that goal you will probably even become ‘unemployable’ and will find a huge amount of opportunity waiting for you on the other side of uncertainty and risk.

Maximise Your DREAMS!!

To your success,
Davis Mutabwa

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