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008: Ivy League graduate, freedom strategist obsessed with helping entrepreneurs achieve FREEDOM (w/ Vasavi Kumar)

Vasavi is a freedom strategist who is obsessed with helping you achieve the FREEDOM in all that is you. An Ivy League graduate, a certified coach, a qualified vegetarian chef, best-selling author of Succeeding in Spite of Everything. Featured on TV, Radio, numerous online shows and magazines, ladies and gentlemen please welcome the legendary and boisterous Vasavi Kumar!

Works one on one with entrepreneurs either budding or seasoned, helping them align their business with their personal values or budding entrepreneurs who are at the beginning stages and figuring out their business model, pricing and helping them get out into the market place.

Recently launched a new business, Soul Special, meaning full merchandise that matters, with the first product being a gym tank top with the message “No Shame” in line with suicide prevention month, donating part of the proceeds to National Alliance of Mental Illness.

Book recommendation for entrepreneurs: Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsh


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Legacy: I want to be remembered for being an honest human being that people could come to for an honest response, as a person of integrity who was trustworthy – Vasavi.

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About the author, Davis

My Dream of sharing inspirational success stories started many years ago and this Podcast is an amazing show that brings some of those conversations to light.

This show is dedicated to being a voice of encouragement to you because I believe God created you and I with a purpose to fulfill and I want to be here to cheer you on through this Podcast, our Blog and through our other channels of interaction via our comments section after each Podcast and Blog as well as on social media.

I love business and entrepreneurship and I truly believe you have greatness inside of you 🙂

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