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078: LinkedIn Strategies to Generate Free Leads & Quickly Grow an Email List (w/ Nathanial Bibby)

Nathanial Bibby is the founder of Bibby Consulting Group, a Melbourne Consulting Group. He is a leading Digital Marketing Strategist, LinkedIn Coach and Social Media Speaker. He is also the founder of Linkedinsider, the world’s leading online LinkedIn training course, and a Founding Trainer at the Australian Digital Marketing Institute (ADMi). 

With over 12 years of Digital Marketing experience, Nathanial has been at the forefront of the information age. During his career, he has helped 4,000+ businesses throughout Australia and South East Asia gain a competitive edge through effective business growth strategies.  

Core revenue streams 

His core revenue stream is LinkedIn Lead Generation which is a very unique service that cannot be found easily advertised in marketing. They usually have to first educate people about it before they introduce it. Once they train people on LinkedIn, they also offer them the lead generation service.    

Period in full time business and starting out 

He has been in full-time business for about 4 years. He started out the day he quit his job and things had gotten really difficult financially, because he was being evicted, and hadn’t paid his bills, the power in his apartment had even been switched off. He found a way to get power to his apartment and sat down to write his business plan. The next day, he started making phone calls and one of the people he called was a real estate agency that he convinced to let him pitch on how he help their real estate agents to invest in their brand.  

The real estate agents gathered in their conference area and Nathanial pitched a real estate personal branding make-up product that included a one page real estate website. Nathanial was charging $2,500 for the product and 8 of them signed up, with 6 of them paying on the spot. That totalled $15,000 and it enabled him to get freelancers to build 6 websites, 6 Facebook pages, and 6 LinkedIn profiles. He paid $300 for each of the 6 which totalled $1,800. The money enabled him to get out of his financial problems. 

He still didn’t know what he would specialise in, but he later got an opportunity to sponsor an event for his friend and business coach. At the event, his friend thanked him for being a sponsor and introduced him as a LinkedIn Specialist who could people with their LinkedIn profiles. There were 100 people at the event, and at the end, 30 to 40 people went up to him wanting to have a one-on-one meeting. That was when he decided to specialize in LinkedIn Marketing. 

Deciding to become an entrepreneur 

He remembers that when he started out, he did it because he had no choice since he could not find assistance from anyone to deal with his financial woes. He was so desperate but got immediately motivated when he decided to start working on his business plan. He knew that he had to go straight to the customers, to the market, without even having any marketing material and systems in place. 


The fact that he specializes in LinkedIn when there are very few people specializing in it, enables him to get clients constantly. Whenever people are organizing conferences on social media and digital marketing, they always want an expert on LinkedIn and when they search on Google, Nathanial’s service always comes up at the top of the search results. He gets called to speak at different events and interviews. His company has become an industry leader on LinkedIn and he also gets invited to speak on social media at different events. 

Generating leads on LinkedIn 

He says it’s easier to help a B2B (business-to-business) company but when dealing with a B2C (business-to-consumer) company, he has to ask them a few questions about their target marketing and how they get clients. Normally, LinkedIn marketing works better if a B2C business has business partners or distributors. He says smaller businesses that desire to sell directly to customers may have more success on Facebook than on LinkedIn. 

Tip 1: If you are looking for a quick way to implement a strategy that works, the first step is to optimize your LinkedIn profile which means optimizing for search results. Don’t upload a version of your CV and don’t write your LinkedIn profile in the 3rd person 

Tip 2: Use my 3 step process called FindConnect and Engage which involves finding the people who are in your target demographic and sending them customized connection requests. When you send about 200 requests out, you will get about a 50% average response rate. After that, you can message them, thank them for connecting with you, and engage them about how they do their marketing by asking for a telephone chat. A telephone chat will enable you to determine which client is suitable to work with 

LinkedIn Vs. Facebook 

He says LinkedIn is a professional networking site while Facebook is purely a social networking site.  

Tip: When choosing which site to use for your lead generation, you have to think about the context in which people’s attention is on each site. LinkedIn will be more effective if you are targeting professionals 

Case study 

Nathanial refers to one of his goals of signing up one of the big 4 banks in Australia as a client. He started messaging the different banks on LinkedIn and 11 months into the business, Westpac Bank came on board as a client and they asked him to speak at one of their events. He then tstarted working with their licensee department which is BT Financial Group. They also asked him to speak at a digital marketing workshop/masterclass that they do in every city in Australia.  

Nathanial started by working with one of the licensees first and running a campaign with them, which led to the licensee telling the other licensees the great results they got. Since the clients were financial advisors, they targeted high profile people like lawyers and medical practitioners. They generated 23 leads within 30 days, which was conservative, but they were very high quality prospects which translated to high sales value. This was a good case study for Nathanial 

Biggest breakthrough in business over the last 2 years 

“The moment I decided to specialize on LinkedIn was a big one. However, being able to come up with systems and processes so that am able to work on growing the business not in the business was also a big breakthrough”  

The numbers 

Nathanial says they are able to impact thousands of people now through speaking and training. 

Core product 

He says that their core product is lead generation through social media and that it’s in form of a monthly subscription. 

A Lead 

He says according to the service they offer clients, they define a lead as someone who has consented to have a phone conversation and provided their telephone number. 

Book recommendation for entrepreneurs:   

  1. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary W. Keller (what one thing will have the biggest impact for you?)  
  1. Ask Gary Vee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness – Gary Vaynerchuk  

To contribute as much as he can in and out of business while adding immense value without expecting anything in return, and to pass on that mentality to as many professionals and business people as possible – Nathanial.   

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