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047: Clarity, Confidence and Direction (w/ Joel Boggess)

Joel Boggess is the go-to guy for clarity, confidence, and direction. He is an author, life coach, and online radio host (ReLaunch Show). He teaches professionals and women on-the-go how to find clarity, confidence and direction even when they feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unchallenged. He helps entrepreneurs, owners, and business leaders make better decisions, take bolder actions, and get greater results. 

With a Master’s degree in counselling and many years’ experience working one-on-one and with special interest groups, Joel has the know-how, skill, and wisdom, to help you tune into fully expressing your voice. He is a No. 1 Best Selling Author for his book, Finding Your Voice, which hit the top spots on Amazon. He is also a contributor to Huffpost and 

Last corporate job 

His last corporate job was in the Dallas, Fort Worth area working for Morgan Stanley. He officially left formal employment on November 30th 2006. 

Core revenue streams 

Joel has been doing podcast coaching and one-on-one coaching. He has helped people create, launch and grow their podcast shows. He recently tweaked his business model to focus exclusively on speaking to get paid, where has had some experience. 

Tip: Podcasting is the new networking and the best way to make connections that you would never make through any other channel 

Starting out in business 

One month after leaving formal employment, Joel got a speaking engagement. During that speaking engagement, Zig Ziglar was seated in the front row which challenged Joel to do his best and also motivated him to move forward as an entrepreneur. He initially started as a one-on-one career and life coach and that was his primary revenue stream for a long time. 

Replacing the Morgan Stanley income 

Joel says it took a couple of years to replace his Morgan Stanley income.  

Tip: If you live under the same roof with someone who is highly involved in your life, make sure you have an agreement with them before you leave formal employment. 

Why podcasting? 

Apart from having mixes of experience in radio and TV, Joel knew he had to be in the podcast industry and be a leader. Podcasting is of great value to him and he says that having a podcast has been one of the best business decisions he has ever made. 

Monetizing the podcast 

He says this is not the most important thing because he views his podcast as a door opener and relationship/opportunity maker. It has helped him get on stages and develop relationships with million-dollar speakers, actors, best-selling authors, and athletes. Inviting those people on his podcast show enabled him to bridge the gap between him and them. 


Reason for success so far 

Joel says focusing on what he wanted to accomplish enabled him to create a show that would add value to people and help him get some growth opportunities. He has been focused on creating that show, getting quality content from the guests that he hosts, and developing the show’s social media presence. Focusing on the show has helped him get to the point where he can now move forward into diversification.   

Tip: Focus is the number one competitive advantage 

Initial wrong move 

He says one of the mistakes he made in the beginning was counting on his previous guests to drive his show growth by directing traffic to his website and social media sites. The results were disastrous for him despite having all the biggest names on his show because the show was not growing. Taking ownership of the show’s growth later on was a big game changer. 

Tip: As a podcaster, add value in the conversation and to the conversation, and that will change the way the interviewee views you 

Leveraging the networking aspect of the podcast and the current social outreach strategy after each show 

Joel says that he has learnt the importance of repurposing content which involves sending out shows multiple times on various social media channels. He mostly uses Twitter for the repurposing of content. He used to use HootSuite and is currently using SocialOomph. All he does is upload his show to SocialOomph and it keeps going. He is also able to repurpose the show content, artwork, and guest quotes. 

Tip: Ask all your guests to give you 3 or 4 quotes and then create branded artwork with those quotes inclusive of the podcast url link to each show and the guest’s picture. Repurpose those over and over again while giving the guests the opportunity to share them  

Fear of failure and low moment 

Joel doesn’t think the fear of failure has kept him from running his business. He admits he is scared of certain things as is human nature, but he always makes sure he moves forward. 

Tip: One of the ways to combat fear is to keep moving, do something and keep momentum rolling 

Faith, Fun, Family, Finances, and Friendships  

Faith and Family definitely come first, then Fun, Finances and Friendships 

A day in life when starting in business Vs. a day in life now 

Joel says one thing he has always done is pick up the phone and call people without fear in order to establish solid business relationships. That helped him establish a name for himself in the financial world when he worked for Morgan Stanley and it has been contributing to his entrepreneurial success. 

His Book 

Joel released his book “Finding Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter, Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Direction” in November 2012 and it’s a guide book to help people get clarity, confidence and direction with who they are at the core so that they can then build their business in a way that adds value to them and the clients they serve. 

The book can be found on where people can also find diverse free resources extracted from the book. It’s also available on Amazon. 

Tool and Resources 

  1. HootSuite – a platform for managing multiple social media accounts in one place. 
  1. SocialOomph –  a powerful social media automation tool that enables people to easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity. 

Book recommendation for entrepreneurs:   

  1. Finding Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter, Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Direction – Joel Boggess 

To be that guy that people point to and say, “He is the one that believed in me when no one else did, he is the one that drove me to write that book, he is the one that encouraged me to launch that podcast even though everyone else told me not to, and he is the one that helped me believe that I could build a business worth building and worth having” – Joel.   

Best way to connect: – Joel’s Email Address – Joel’s Podcast 

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