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The Business Generals HQ!

Welcome to The Business Generals HQ!

This is the place where we connect, chat and collaborate with amazing entrepreneurs like yourself, we love bringing you awesome content from successful business men and women who have conquered their fears of stepping out into the world of entrepreneurship.

Our mandate is one and simple, to get your hopes up that you are good enough to chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

You have everything it takes inside of you to get started on your journey, along the way you will need a team of professionals to help you to stay focused, remain resilient, course correct and to ultimately live out that dream.

Our HQ is a place where you can find all of that support and much more!

Get in touch through our contact page and tell us about your big dreams and goals 🙂

To your success,

"What a great podcast! Davis is a good interviewer, and he finds great guests. It is very helpful for entrepreneurs. I love the inspiration."

 Wendy Keller, USA
"5 Star iTunes Reviewer"

"Enjoying your Podcasts Davis!
Fantastic selection of professionals. The sharing of content and experiences is a valuable resource for all!"

Franca Mazz, Australia
"5 Star iTunes Reviewer"

"Thanks for sharing some Keys on how to manage a home based business and I believe for anyone considering starting their own business I found the information helpful and educative, yes with determination one can only reap the benefit. God bless!"

 Dabson Mvula, New Zealand
"5 Star iTunes Reviewer"

"Hi Davis Just want to thank you for publishing this podcast it was really helpful looking forward to your future ones"

 Adrai, Australia
"5 Star iTunes Reviewer"

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About me and my podcast

My Dream of sharing inspirational success stories started many years ago and this Podcast is an amazing show that brings some of those conversations to light.

Who am i? In a nutshell, born and raised in Zambia, worked in accounting and finance for over 15 years across 4 countries, professionally migrated permanently to Australia in 2005.

This show is dedicated to being a voice of encouragement to you because I believe God created you and I with a purpose to fulfill and I want to be here to cheer you on through this Podcast and through our other channels of interaction via our comments section after each Podcast and Blog as well as on social media.

I love business and entrepreneurship and I truly believe you have greatness inside of you 🙂

Remember that you are blessed and highly favoured!

To your success,

PS. My beautiful wife and daughter say hello and that you should know that they are both cheering you on!!